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Name: Mrs. Femina

Testimony: I am married for ten years. Due lot of misunderstandings I and my hubby used to fight a lot for various reasons in front of our two lovely children. On a Sunday morning before going to church we had a bad fight in front our kids and then we went to church and there preached Pastor Karl Walker about love and end of the service I went and told him about my married life and asked him to pray for my marriage and me he prayed and left my church.

After that slowly God’s love started filling my heart and I could not stop loving my husband as he is. Now this Sunday during Church service my lil kid heard someone saying that mom loves Dad during the worship time and my kid shared it with me and I shared it with my hubby as we all pray n sit together in our church as a family. I am sure it is the angels who told my son that I love my hubby and so confirming the answer for the prayers offered in the same place. Glory to God He is our prayer answering God even today.

I love my hubby!! and will always do so!!

Thanks to Bro. Karl walker for praying for me.


Name: Kay

Testimony: My testimony is about God’s favor upon us, because he has plan for us and wish us to live in abundance. I praise the Lord for since I go to the church I am fulfill with his love and blessings. I was looking for a job for long and many applications went with no reply, Until this miracle day when I received a call for an interview, I felt confident than ever before and during the interview everything was like as God has decided, it is my day and he offered me the job.   Today I am happy and thankful to my precious Lord, He is Great. Thank you Lord, thank you Jesus.
I am also grateful to pastor Karl and Tabitha, thank you for your prayers and for bringing the Gospel into our heart. God bless you.